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     Border Collies are a versatile and hard working breed. Whether it's for herding, agility, obedience, or just to have a great, loving pet, the Border Collie fits.  The first experience I had with a Border Collie was at about 5 years old.  My brother wanted a puppy and Mom told him she didn't want a fancy dog, she just wanted a plain old dog.  A friend had Red and White Border Collie puppies and my brother snuck one home into his room.  When Mom found it, he told her it was just a "No good plain old dog."  He convinced her to let him keep it and "Tiger" became an important member of the family.  He lived for about 15 years and was part of so many of our memories.  He was definitely not just a no good plain old dog.       

When our children were born and we were wanting a pet, the only kind of dog we would consider was a Border Collie.  We got "Hazel", a one year old tri-colored female Border Collie. She soon worked her way into our hearts and into our lives.  Her favorite past time was chasing birds in the yard. She lived for 13 years and when she died, we knew we had to have another one.   

    We really never knew much about Border Collie's other than that they were smart, loyal, and eager to please.  When we asked our veterinarian for a breeder, we were told about a man close to us that trained them for herding named Emil Luedecke.  We went to see him and were introduced to a whole new aspect of the Border Collie.  His dog, Imp. Tyne,  had participated in herding trials all over the U.S. and was ranked as one of the top herding dogs in the country. Our family's second Border Collie,  Kia.   is out of Imp. Tyne. Her littermate, Ben, went on to compete in herding trials also.  He has won numerous competitions and was named Rookie of the Year in the National Sheep Dog Finals in 2002, and qualified for the World Finals in Ireland July 2005. From Kia, our passion for Border Collies has increased. Our little group of dogs has grown and each one is special in their own way.      

       Our dogs are registered with the American Border Collie Association, of which we are lifetime members.  Our Border Collies are from proven working lines. They are our family and we treat them as such with lots of love and attention.  Several of the puppies born from our Dam's are on working ranches and doing well. We feel certain that our border collie pups are bred with the instinct to herd and with proper training will perform excellently in that environment. We also have some that are doing agility and frisbee. No matter what their job or activity is, I would say first and foremost they are loving pets to their owners. 

        We are centrally located in the heart of Texas, south of Abilene Texas. This puts us within two hours of Austin Texas, Waco Texas as well as the Dallas/Ft Worth Texas area. Houston Texas, Lubbock Texas, and San Antonio Texas are just a little further.  Ya'll come see us!

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